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Yakushima Map
Chihiro Falls


Senpiro Falls

The fall of the waterfall is about 60 meters. It is one of the representative waterfalls of Yakushima where a lot of water flows down from the center. The bedrock on the left side of the waterfall was named "Senpiro(1000 times the length which extended both arms fully) Falls" because it is as big as a thousand people will spread both hands. From the observatory it will be somewhat far away, but its majestic appearance can be fully enjoyed.

Ohko Falls


Ohko Falls

It is also chosen as "100 waterfalls in Japan" (Selection on April 28, 1990) It is a fascinating image waterfall. From the cliff of 88 meters which boasts the height of Kyushu the first, it is dynamic as if you slide down with a splashful splash of water.
Also, it is said that spring water that springs out is old for good health.




Yakushima It is one of the three large rock walls and the height is 940m. Because of the steep ridges from the prefectural road and rough rock walls, its presence is exceptional.
The view from the summit is majestic, the Pacific Ocean opens wide in front of you, Tanegashima on the left, village and coastline about 1,000m wide spread.

Onoaida Onsen


Onoaida Onsen

Onoaida Onsen is a famous fountain in the Onoaida district, which can be said that the big deer, a local fisherman shot with a gun, healed the wound about 350 years ago.
It is made by locals such as Onoaida village, and does not have a bath at home, it seems that there are many regular customers coming through like everyday.

Hirauchi Onsen


Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen

It is an open and wild hot spring that springs from the ocean, where you can take a bath only about two hours before and after the low tide.
Spring quality is a simple sulfur spring and is said to be effective for rheumatism, neuralgia, skin disease,gynopathy. While watching the ocean in the day, bathing while listening to the sound of the waves is attractive at night.

Gezibee’s Village


Gezibee’s Village

Gezibee’s village managed by the original village.It’s a from Yakusugi's little souvenir you can grill pottery, accessories, etc., Tankan produced by the farmhouse of the original village, Yakuro mushrooms, sweet potatoes and so on line up. Tankang etc. can be shipped.
Gezibee's village managed by locals. Yakusugi souvenirs, pottery goods, accessories, etc. are arranged, and Tankan mandarin, Tororo(Grated yam), sweet potatoes etc. produced by local farmers line up. Tankan etc. can be shipped.

Shinjiyama Rrent-a-car


Shinjiyama Rent-a-car

A car rent-a-car company located near Anboh port.
It is approximately 20 minutes by car to Luana house.

reservation and Contact Us TEL : 090-4341-6632

A-coop Oinoaida branch


A-coop Oinoaida branch

It is a 7-minute walk from Luana House.
For everyday items etc. please use here.



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