Yakushima Pension LuanaHouse

Aloha from YakushimaThe born a pension that created Hawaiian Yakushima

Luana House's Luana is Hawaiian language so mean "Have fun" "Relax" "To be satisfied".
We would like to be acomfortable spase for Sir and Maddam. We named it with such a wish.
Dear, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your smil is cheers for us.
Yakushima is a treasure house of nature. On such a Yakushima and at this Luana House,
we happy if you can feel the wind of Hawaii even a little.

Marvelous View

It is a spectacular resort of pink and blue.Here is the hospitality of nature.

Akara House's "Akara" mean Hawaiian language what pink. and Poru House's "Poru" mean Hawaiian language what blue.
Speaking of Hawaiian language, we often come up with "Aloha"
To Aloha's word cause mean "Hello" "Nice to meet you" There are other have mean "love" "affectionate" "I love you" it's nice word!
Aside to that,tasty is called "ono".
we make a meal with full heart so that you will be say "ono" when you eat.

More About Rooms and Cuisine

World Heritage Forest

We are preparing for impressionWould you like to see the scenery of the world natural herirage site?

A misterious blue ocean left by the time of eternity big deep nature spreads.
Yakushima registered as aworld heritage site in 1993 is a famous world heritage islind in Yakushima including Jomon cedar to be 7200 years old.
Encounter with encounters with big trees that overwhelmingly present presence and excitement will be memories of your life.

Luana House Peripheral Guide



Open from 8:00 to 22:00.
Closed on Tuesdays

808-38, Onoaida, Yakushima-cho Kumage-gun, Kagoshima, 891-4404, Japan



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